Yukon Terrirory Trip Day 22

     Day 22 of our trip ( June 3 – 4 2017 ). We stopped at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Stayed here for 2 days. Wonderful place. This is our second time staying here on our way into Canada. No hookups, but the sights our great. Seen buffalo roaming around from the time we arrived until we left. One left some foot prints right next to our site, really cool. On the way in and out you pass the prairie dog communities on both sides of the road, must be a couple of hundred or so in this area, and they are not picture shy. The terrain is a awesome sight. Had a really nice quiet time here. If you have your old timers pass it’ll cost $ 7.00 a night, otherwise it’s $ 14.00. Not bad. They have flush toilets, water fill station, and faucets through out the park.

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