Yukon Territory Trip Day 26

     Day 26 of our trip ( June 8 2017 ).  Once we crossed the boarder we made a pit stop in Lethbridge, AB to exchange US dollars to Canadian dollars. Exchange rate was again in our favor like last year. We use the Canadian dollars for the Iron Rangers at most Canadian  Provincial Parks. There is a Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and almost any other store you can think of here, pretty good size city. We have arrived at out first stop in Alberta Canada, Carstairs Municipal Campground. This is our first time stopping here, so its a new adventure. The drive up so far makes you feel that your still in North Dakota and Montana, the sights haven’t changed much. The city of Carstairs in not very far of our route to the north. With rain beginning and scheduled to last all day and night, we decided to get off the road to chill out. Campground had electric sites, showers, and flush toilets. I’ll add it to my list of places to stop when in the area.

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